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Autumn Triduum

Autumn Triduum is a roleplaying/storytelling game about religious sisters confronting the forces of darkness from All Hallows' Eve to All Souls' Day.

The game uses the Powered by the Apocalypse story-forward game engine. Players take on the roles of religious sisters, playing as archetypes like the Elder, the Novice, the Mystic, the Artist, the Penitent, the Scholar, and the Widow.

I am testing the game at conventions and online. Sign up for our mailing list here.

No Holds Bard

No Holds Bard is a Shakespearean fighting game for 3–6 players. Hamstring as Hamlet, beatdown as Beatrice, or pursue as the Bear! Over twenty different Shakespearean characters brawl for victory in a last-character-standing melee.

Have you ever wanted to play a board game that mashes up Shakespeare's canon with the free-for-all multiplayer mayhem of Super Smash Brothers? This is that game. I am currently developing and playtesting it.

Sign up for updates on the game’s progress here.

Caesar vs. R+J vs. Kate vs. Ophelia
Artwork of Margaret, Bear, Henry V
Playtesting at Doxacon
No Holds Bard pitch
Playtesting at Metatopia
Playtesting at home
Live-Action No Holds Bard!
Folders for Shibboleths
Enemy of the Revolution pitch
Enemy of the Revolution Logo

Enemy of the Revolution

Enemy of the Revolution is a hidden agenda storytelling game for 4–10 players. Players take on the roles of revolutionary squad members embarking on a dangerous, frequently lethal mission—or they play as infiltrators on that same squad, secret counter-revolutionary loyalists trying to strike a blow against Glorious Revolutionary Comrade Leader. Players generate shibboleths to identify their true allies and enemies during the game.

I am alpha-testing this game with friends

and at game conventions. Sign up here for updates on it.

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