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Past productions

Constant as the Northern Star
Singing "Up the Wolves"
A tempest dropping fire
Brutus, sleepless
Brutus and Portia
Stoop Romans, stoop

Julius Caesar (2017)

Director, Producer, Julius Caesar


The ShakesPEER Group

Grange Estate, Havertown, PA


A seat-of-our-pants production—eight actors, less than a week of rehearsals.

This coronet part betwixt you
Lear and the King of France
Goneril's Household
Cornwall and Regan's Household
France and Cordelia

King Lear (2016)

Played the King of France, Cornwall's Man

Queens Shakespeare/What Dreams May Co., Dir. Emily C. A. Snyder

John DeSotelle Studio, New York, NY

The Jeweler’s Shop (2016)

Directed and produced Karol Wojtyla's (John Paul II's) dramatic meditation on matrimony

An Actor's Equity Showcase

First Things gallery space

The wedding of Teresa and Andrew
Teresa and Andrew
Anna and a man (Stefan?)
Monica and Christopher...and Adam
Anna and Stefan
Captain Invincible's Sidekicks
Freeze Frame and Captain Invincible
Fuschia Shock
Power Chord and Captain Invincible
Behind-the-Scenes with the Sidekicks
Cast, includ. extras as superheroes
Cap. Invincible's wake, interrupted
Doc Quantum and her Contrition Ray
Freeze Frame using her powers
Baron Devastation

Captain Invincible is Dead (2015)

Wrote the screenplay for a student film about superhero sidekicks coming of age after the death of their mentor, Captain Invincible

A Bulldog Productions feature film

Yale University

The Man Who Was Thursday (2014)

Adapted and directed ​G. K. Chesterton’s theological thriller

Yale Drama Coalition

Morse-Stiles Crescent Theater

The Secretary apprehends Syme
The Two Poets of Saffron Park
Gabriel Syme and Lucian Gregory
Syme meets the Man in the Dark Room
The Council of Days
Syme, Dr. Bull, and The Professor
Syme duels the Marquis
Sunday escapes by balloon
The masquerade
The real anarchist
Weapons at the ready
Mrs. Drudge
Simon and Felicity
Cynthia Muldoon
The critics Birdboot and Moon watch
Major Magnus doesn't trust Simon
An inspector arrives!
The critics get caught up in things
A nice game of pontoon bridge
Could it be...the real Inspector?!

The Real Inspector Hound (2013)

Directed ​Tom Stoppard's metatheatrical whodunnit

Yale Drama Coalition

Calhoun Cabaret Theater

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